Five for Five

Five for Five is a grassroots fundraising program, created by R3SM (Recover, Rebuild, Restore Southeast Mississippi), a locally based nonpofit. Money raised through the effort helps the organization continue its affordable housing, disaster services and workforce development training for low-income families and individuals living in Mississippi’s Pine Belt.

Program mission:
To create a low-cost, sustainable, community-based fundraising movement that supports the needs and services of R3SM.
Methodology: Beginning with board members, supporters of R3SM and church, business and partner leaders, will be asked to become an R3SM Power Player by giving $5 a month. Those founding Power Players will appeal to their contacts, with each recruiting five additional R3SM Power Players, who will give $5 each month and continue the recruiting cycle (see infographic below.) Marketing and communications efforts will include social media and PSA campaigns, commercials, videos, speaking engagements, events and website postings.

Duration: Continual
Ancillary benefits: In addition to raising funds, the Five for Five program will build brand awareness for R3SM within the community.
Measure of success: 2,500 people giving $5 per month annually = $150,000

For more information: 601.544.5115

Five for Five Infographics